The Ghostly Double of a Living Person

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Passport Office Chatter

Passport Officer:
Oh, so you lost your old passport and need a new one correct?
So are you getting married?
Um, no.
Really, most girls your age are coming in because they are going abroad for their honeymoon?
Well, I'm not getting married, I'm traveling for school and for fun.
That's a shame.

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redsuspenders asked: well HELLO lady
m.a.? phd?

MLIS - Masters of Library and Information Science.

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Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs - Little Red Riding Hood

My favorite song in the world. When I was a little girl, my dad and I used to sing this song in the truck whenever it came on the radio. My dad would always sing an octive lower than he would normally so he could sound more ‘wolflike’. I just sat and sang and make wolf/howling noises at other cars passing by.

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People always ask me, “Do you think you’ll ever tone down your look?” And I say, Well, hell no! Why should I? I was gaudy when gaudy wasn’t cool. Before Gaga I was Ga-udy. I was being outrageous even before Madonna. Eventually people realize that there’s a brain under this hair, and a heart under these boobs, but I also like being a character that they can enjoy. It makes it kind of fun when I do get out on stage and tell my real story, and they get to see the real me. I’m a very artificial-looking person, but I’m a very real person.
Miss Dolly Parton, O.G. diva bad-ass and living legend. (via coketalk)

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